Legend's long overdue for termination. Get in our way, and you'll join her in death. To make up for my ban and all the crap accusations against me, I made up a little game. Every Wednesday, a random page from a random wiki will have its content replaced. Also, a random cat/wolf will be attacked (but not killed). This'll continue for the duration of my ban (on all wikis) unless every animal suspected of being in Moony's support ring (you punks know who you are) has said this: I have sinned. [In-Game Deity], please forgive me. I will stop supporting Legend MoonStar, for she is a terrorist, and I am not. I will stop attacking the terrorist's enemies, for they are not mine. I will stop the terrorist myself if needed, for she has done damage unto me. To let her survive is conspiracy. She deserves the proper punishment, and it would be sinful of me to interfere. By letting the terrorist die, I will have fulfilled my debt to you. Hear my prayer and my promise to you, which I shall fulfill.

Saying the prayer also spares you from the Ghosts. Even if you really aren't her supporter, we're not taking our chances with you hairballs. The Revengers act alone now. Equalists are too soft to deal with this, and so are all of you. Legend's fate is already sealed, but your interference is pissing us off. So, from now on, every Wednesday while Legend still lives and has support, I will not punish her... I will punish all of YOU! And the way I see it, doormats... you owe me for 2 years of pain and humiliation.

Vance out.