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  • Halfmoon

Basic InfoEdit

Rank: Med Cat

Mate: Cant have One

Mood: Bored

Powers: Moon and Water

Legend: Yes

Element: Yes

Has a gift: Yes

Sacred Cat: Yes

Power of Three: Yes

Ancient Blood Of Nine: Yes

Angel: Yes 

Demon: Yes

(I know Im alot of magic things. Im not trying to be a powerhog! I just like to be with other people and exploring powers! Its fun!)


Mothers (Was reborn twice): Feathertail, Moonpelt, Air

Fathers: Stormfur, Skylight, Stoneteller

Brothers: Tigerstar, DarkPine Star, Troy Treaty, Derek, Asher WhiteFang (Too many to name)

Sisters: Stoneteller, Twilightmoon, Snowleap, Redstar, Jaystar, Xebnia, Crowfeather (Too many to name)

Grandmothers: Roseda Star, (More just unknown)

Grandfathers: Kirito (More just unknown)

Brother-in-laws: Noah Waspcloak etc.

Sister-in-laws: Blair Jewelgrin

Grandaunts: Littlecloud, not sure who else XD

Granduncles: ???

Aunts: Ivypool, JayDakoda and others owo

Uncles: Flamestripe, John Viperhammer, Ryan Summerberry and others owo

Cousins: Karrisa, Blair, etc. (Also too many to name)

Nieces: Bailey Stormclaw, Thy Favorable, Haden Nightmare, JayClaw, Black Claw, Proudstar etc.

Nephews: ???

Grand Nieces: Wizard Lucy

Grand Nephews: Titån

Mentors: Too many to name


I am a fiesty cat with a hot temper, a very strong cat who is not afraid of anyone or anything, and a very funny, caring cat once you get to know me.  My whole life revolves around my clan and my family. I apoligize if I hold a grudge. That is just me! Also, Im not afraid to use my powers on anybody. I am very much like night. Mysterious, cold, dark, yet you always have to know more about me.


I am a dark grey cat with jet black stripes and jet black paws. (I do my best with the pictures. I just find them on the internet.)


First Life (Died at Age): 48 Moons

Second Life: 36 Moons

Third Life (Present Life): 18 Moons