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Legend MoonStarEdit

powers: all now!! 
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Legend MoonStar

Looks Like: A purple she-cat with daggering black stripes. Has a blue crystal around neck and thorn purple colored wings.

Family: StarCast Eclipse, Christopher Foxface, LegacyStar, Res, Nightshade, Jake Redstorm

How she became a Legend Cat: Star choice me

Extra info: I was exiled from Equinox clan but my leader Star had a reason to. So I made my own clan Solstice Clan and now I protect all clans and packs in FeralHeart.

Feralheart user: pony12


Powers: Night, Fear, Water, Electricity, Death, Natural Disasters, Love, Working on More

Looks Like: Is a dark grey she-cat with jet black stripes

Family: Stoneteller, Jayfeather, Moonpelt, Air (Too many to remember and name!)

How she became a Legend Cat: I was chosen by the League

Extra info: My computer is being really mean so I will put a photo later........

Cherrypool Edit

Powers: too many to freaking count o_o"

Looks Like: a fluffy tortoiseshell she-cat with turquoise eyes, a white underbelly and a bright pink nose

Family: Stormclaw and Swiftstrike

How she became a Legend Cat: it happened magically

Extra info: -puts fluffy tail and your face- Cant beat the fluffyness!

Stoneteller (Derpyface c};)Edit

Powers: Darkness, Water, Wind/Air, Cloud, Night, Death, poison, Shape shifting, Fire, Light, Mist, Earth, Nature, Dragon, Dark Light, Black Magic, Electricity, Fear, Feather, Stars, etc. (Is making more every day ^ ^)

Fall Out Boy Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying- Lyrics

Fall Out Boy Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying- Lyrics

Looks Like: those pictures c;

Family: Mother: Air. Father: StoneTeller. Sisters: Jayfeather, Halfmoon, etc. Brothers: Troy Treaty, DarkPine Star, etc. Mate: Blake Blackforest c:

How she became a Legend Cat: I took a "quiz" and they said I "barely" passed so here I am.... Start being jelly c:

Extra info: -walks out of my house with fog goes around me and has sun glasses on with the song "That's How We Roll" on- Start bein' jelly, my bzchs c:

What she has to say: ntn right now ^ ^

Theme Songs: EET, The Lonely, That's How We Roll, Monster, Love Sex Death, I Don't Care

Doing Right Now: Righting a Fan Fiction about Pete Wentz called "Pete Wentz, Didn't Realize"

StarCast EclipseEdit

Name: StarCast Eclipse


Powers: Everything and I make new powers every week c;

Looks Like: (Dat pic)

Family: Legacy Star, Moonflame, Foxstar, Blizzardpaw, Bluekit, Worjen Jake, & some more pplz owo

How she became a Legend Cat: Made em.

Extra info: Theres a big story behind me, and it all starts at a wolf. You can read along as I write Dawn of the Legends, thats the full story.

What she has to say: Dont add your name as a LegendCat without doing the test and waiting to be accepted!

Legacy StarEdit

Name:Legacy Star


Looks Like:


How she became a Legend Cat:

Extra info:

What she has to say: