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Possible starting power typesEdit

There are many possible types of magics you could have before knowing you would become a Legend. Your starting power, would be your true power. The leader of the leauges true power is Star powers. You could only have that as a starting power if you were born during a starfall.

The types of possible starting powers are Water, Shadow, Eclipse, Balance, Wind, Arrow, Cresentmoon, or Blossom. If you do not have any powers when you are chosen, you are given one of the powers above. You may be trained secretly to become a legend without you knowing. 

Tips: Hey, It's me MoonFlame ( Legend MoonStar ), Star is right when there is a Starting Power. If you don't know what basic power or power that you have been given to, there is an easy way to learn how. First check to see if you have a mark somewhere on your body. You can use water as a mirror to help with that. Second what ever mark you have is the basic power element. If you have more than one mark, it's probably fake or that you have been chosen for something. For example, I was born with two marks, I had a Shadowmoon on my forehead and then a Star mark on one of my paws ( Star mark on paw means chosen by Star clan to become a Legend cat or Legend Wolf only one can have this mark at a time. Read how you are chosen or become a Legend Cat/Wolf for Todays Legend and Past Legends. ) When given your mark you might wanna ask a cat or wolf that knows of it. Each mark has an element power, Water mark ( Teardrop, Lilypad, extra. ) has Water abilities, Shadow mark ( Skull, Bones, extra. ) has Shadow abilities, Eclipse mark ( Sun, cloud, extra. ) has Sunlight abilities, Balance mark ( Gold Jewel, Diamond, extra. ) has Healing abilities, Wind mark ( Blue Swirls, Feather, extra. ), Arrow mark ( Arrow, Bow, extra. ) Fighting abilities, Cresentmoon mark ( Shadowmoon, Unknown marks to still be found ) has Night abilities, Blossom mark ( Leaf, Flower, extra. ) has Nature abilities. Each power is classified into diffrent groups. There are marks still out there like, Fire mark ( Flames, Fireball, extra. ) and other many others. Hope that helps =^.^= cya in FreeRealms.

Element class

Classification on PowersEdit

Earth class: Wind and Blossom powers

Strike class: Shadow and Arrow powers

Fountain class: Balance and Water powers

Light class: Fire and Eclipse powers

StarFall class: Cresentmoon and Star powers ( Note: this class is for highly trained Legend Cats/Wolfs )