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Theres are rules Legend wolves/cats MUST follow. Legends are ment to spread happiness, so the rules should help.

  • Be kind
  • Respect others
  • Care for others
  • Have faith
  • Use powers only to make others happy or to help others
  • Do not use powers to fight against anyone without powers, so its fair....Unless its a foe Way stronger than you...just dont use powers to fight normals
  • Never break a promise, unless for an extremely good reason
  • Never tell a lie
  • Care for others
  • Dont brag about your powers...(You shouldnt let anyone know of your powers anyway!!!)
  • Dont get full of yourself, and dont think your better than others
  • Stay calm...Try not to be hostile
  • During fights, try to solve it without combat
  • Question first and be nice, unless you find a Really good reason to attack
  • Nobodys perfect!!!
  • Follow the six pillars

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