Hey I am now a Legend Cat and gonne train here is some things about me c:
Mirror Mirror

me fighting o-o


Bad temper, nice when I want to be =/, and when your on my good side I am VERY NICE o_O

Firce in battle, dont even think about messing with me ._., a Murderer on my own time, Medicine Cat always

An old cat whos off her rocker

Band obsessed!

Family (I am puting what I remember)Edit

Mother: Air

Father: StoneTeller

Stepfather: Balto

Sisters: Jayfeather, Halfmoon, etc.

Brothers: Troy Treaty, DarkPine Star, etc.

Nieces: Haden Nightmare or Storm

Mate: Blake Blackforest

Looks likeEdit

Black she-cat with white underbelly, blind amber eyes, white leopard spots from head to toe, white muzzle, and blood stains on fur.

Theme SongsEdit

The Lonely by Christian Perri

Monster by Skillet

Blame it on the Rain


Love, Sex, Death by Fall Out Boy

I Don't Care by Fall Out Boy

Thanks For The Memories by Fall Out Boy

To do ListEdit

  1. Kill my temper
  2. Get more herbs
  3. Train as a Legend Cat o-o


Losing my Family

My Family hating me ;-;

Patrick Stump dieing ;-; or not loving me when I am old enough to marry him o^o

Fall Out Boy breaking up


"When you have a bad day, a really bad day, try to treat the world better then it treated you" ~Patrick Stump

"I'm to weird to live and to rare to die" ~Panic! At The Disco

"Why put a new address on the same old loneliness, when time's just a waste of breath and, talking it just a waste of breath and
Fall Out Boy Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying- Lyrics-0

Fall Out Boy Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying- Lyrics-0

living's just a waste of death?" ~Pete Wentz

"You are what you love, not who loves you" ~Elton John

"We really don't like the label thing at all everyone likes to categorize and simplify things. Why? Don't try to describe it. Just listen to it for what it is" ~Joe Trohman

"This is the solution to life. Fuck the people that hate you. Wait, don't really fuck them. Don't have sex with them, like flick them off. Fuck them, but don't actually fuck them." ~Andy Biersack

"Hoodies are my security blanket" ~Pete Wentz

"I'm female, Fe=Iron, Male=Man, There for I am Ironman" ~Fat Unicorns

"I hate being a ghost, you cant eat, sleep, no one can prove your there, no one knows your there, and you cant have sex" ~Brendon Urie

"Sometimes it's easier to pretend that you don't care, than to admit it's killing you." ~Itz_Courtney_babe

"Monsters don't sleep under your bed, they scream inside your head." ~Stoneteller

"Alright. Every band always tells you to raise your middle finger for fuck this fuck that. But we think that's boring. We want you to hold up your middle finger because there is someone out there in this world who wants to sleep next to you every night." ~Patrick Stump

"I'm tired of crying, I'm tired of yelling, I'm tired of being sad, I'm tired of pretending, I'm tired of being alone, I'm tired of being angry, I'm tired of feeling crazy, I'm tired of feeling stuck, I'm tired of needing help, I'm tired of remembering, I'm tired of missing things, I'm tired of being different, I'm tired of feeling worthless, I'm tired of feeling empty inside, I'm tired of not able to just let go, I'm tired of wish I could start all over, I'm tired of dreaming of a life I will never have, Most of all, I'm tired of being tired." ~Stoneteller

What makes me want to killEdit

When I lose my temper

when I get bored

when I need to train