Tips for Legend in Magic Training 🌟

~~ Follow ALL legend rules codes said or listed my any trusted legend info source or mentor.

~~  Practice doesnt make perfect but it makes improvement so train and practice hard to get better dont believe it will make you perfect nothing comes easily...

~~ Keep in mind  NO one is perfect and dont be critic to any legend or legend in training.

~~ Ask questions?! No legend in training will know everything all at once so if your curious or need to ask a question dont be afriad to ask your mentor! 

~~ Dont feel bad if other legends are in better progress and or father up in training. They were once in your paws and you will eventually learn! One day another legend my be looking at you the same way. 

~~  NEVER  question your mentor or ANY teachers helping you learn!! They already been where you are and have learned it. So dont think you know better then your mentors!!!  

~~  Dont be boastful about your current skills to less known they will loose confidence..

LegacyStar Eclipse (talk) Hope theese  tips helped!!!  Enjoy and use then to your advantage!  bye for now 👋  

- LegacyStar Eclipse ❤
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  • Mentors....
  • Smile for being a legend!